EVENT CONCEPT + HOSTING: The Perth Collective


Pullman Resort mixed work and play for a Small Business Event in a private room at the resort which was filled with natural light and those stunning views of the bay. We had the privilege of having Kate from The Zest Group WA take care of the styling, (you must check out Kate's website here). A modern tropical theme complimented the room with pineapples, coconuts and giant clam shells providing a talking point.

We enjoyed high tea overlooking the bay and were treated to incredible desserts by Pullman Resort Exec Chef Gilles England-Brassy who had put so much love and detail into each dessert they almost looked too good to eat!

Manager Zac Leach and Exec Chef Gilles England-Brassy from Pullman Resort welcomed the guests and introduced the resort, talking us through the menu. 

The day was full of laughter, delightful food, styling, stories shared and new connections made. 

TPC EventNikki Milne