About The Perth Collective PR 


Nikki Milne is the Founder and Director of one of Perth’s leading Public Relations agencies,
The Perth Collective PR


Whilst today the agency boasts a social media following of over 80k and consistently works with well-established luxury brands, it is Nikki’s journey to success, the lessons she's learnt plus the skills she has developed that see her and her company stand out amongst other firms in the heavily saturated industry of Marketing and PR.

Nikki’s expertise is based on experience and results rather than prior technical knowledge. As a 23-year-old small business owner, she took a Subiaco business from bankruptcy to exponential growth and profit. With limited cashflow, she successfully learnt how to use and harness free marketing to grow brand awareness and drive sales. Following an offer she couldn't refuse, Nikki then sold this business and harnessed her knowledge, passion and expertise to build an online platform to nurture and generate exposure for female entrepreneurs and small business owners in Western Australia. 

In late 2017, the Event Management and PR division of The Perth Collective was launched. This arm was developed with an emphasis on connecting the right businesses with the right brands and media. TPC has now become one of Perth’s leading boutique PR Agencies.

The Perth Collective PR works with small businesses through to luxury brands and excels in developing customer relationships and connecting the right businesses with like-minded brands. Nikki is passionate about developing strong customer and media relationships for her clients and successfully exposes her clients to new potential markets and mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Perth Collective PR has become Perth’s go-to agency for luxury brand activation, marketing strategies, full event management, influencer engagement and social media campaigns. Nikki’s brand activations and events are so well-known that her VIP and Media guest invites have an average attendance of 90%.

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